What Evolved First the Eyes, Ears or Nose?

Last night or early this morning while I was half asleep, I started perceiving this "mind blowing" concept related to evolution. I wanted to continue sleeping so I didn’t write it down. I was confident I’d remember it no problem … Continue reading

Quiz: Who is the Raw Demolition – Man?

I’m sitting on a high balcony overlooking a lush green jungle while staying with someone who used to go by the nickname Raw Demolition. It’s humid and hot around 90 degrees or so and I’m loving every second of it. … Continue reading

3 Invisible Secrets To Infinite Potential

Yesterday I decided to take an easy day and didn’t get much work done. But I did go to see a movie. I saw "The Day the Earth Stood Still" with Keanu Reeves. I really loved the first 3/4’s of … Continue reading

Raw GIANT Captured in New York…

Look at how big this monstrous Raw GIANT is. Here I’m doing a five minute video with Arnold from Arnold’s Way in Pennsylvania. In it I share some of the ways the Raw Food Diet improved my life. I bet … Continue reading

Melissa still thinks I stink…

Here’s a comment I received from one my subscribers. I didn’t post it; instead, I decided to use it as the subject for this quick blog post. Melissa’s comments are referring to my previous and highly read blog post: You’ll … Continue reading