Darth Vader “Steams” the Raw Food Movement

Lately there have been some dark forces gathering and secretly plotting to destroy the Raw Food Movement from the inside out. Maybe it’s Darth Vader or his Sith Master – Lord Palpatine manipulating former Raw Food Gurus over to the … Continue reading

Dina’s Depression Not Healed by Going Raw?

I received this email from Dina in response to the email I sent out yesterday entitled “Have you ever felt this fear?” I respond to her below. ======================================== “How to End Your ‘Dinnertime’ Cooked-Food-Cravings TONIGHT” Savory Veggie Stews – “The … Continue reading

Have you ever felt this fear?

Back in the late 1980’s and early 90’s I noticed something troubling about myself. ======================================== “How to End Your ‘Dinnertime’ Cooked-Food-Cravings TONIGHT” Savory Veggie Stews – “The Cooked Food Cravings Crusher” is still in Pre-Release & discounted nearly 50%. We’ve … Continue reading

How to Rescue the Planet with this Jedi Mind Trick

There is a highly organized group of very wealthy people on this planet that want to rob you of your freedom and of your prosperity. Look at the current financial crisis and the constant doom and gloom news. The Dow … Continue reading

A Great (Raw Food Science) Resource I Just Found

A few days ago I found this outstanding article on the science behind the Raw Food Diet. Actually, it’s more like a short book. It’s by Arthur Baker the author of the Raw Food and Natural Hygiene classic, "Awakening Our … Continue reading

Feeling Deprived on Raw? How to Feel Completely Satisfied

Many people when switching to a 100% Raw Food Diet start to feel deprived. They feel they’re missing out on all of the good times they used to have. This feeling of deprivation makes many people fail to succeed at staying 100% … Continue reading

Raw Warrior “Gives the Finger” in NJ

Have you been pissed off lately with the dreadful state of the economy and the massive corruption in government and banking that has allowed this to happen? Have you lost your job and or your house? Are you afraid that … Continue reading

Videos After Dr. Graham’s Raw Food Diet Talk in NYC

The 41-Year-Old Teenager Caught on Video for the First Time Here are a few of the videos I took in NYC after attending Dr. Douglas Graham’s Raw Food Diet talk in Bonobo’s Restaurant in New York City.   In this … Continue reading

A Champion’s Approach To Going Raw

Something I’ve discovered over my years of coaching people to success with the raw food diet is this… You’ll succeed or fail at going 100% raw based on your mindset or beliefs. It’s not about your body type or this … Continue reading