This Belief Ruined My Life for 6 Years

In October of 1996 I first started doing the Raw Food Diet seriously. The discovery of the Raw Food Diet and Natural Hygiene were absolute breakthroughs or Magic Ideas for me. It completely transformed my life overnight. The day before … Continue reading

Controversial Raw Food Diet Guru Gets Picked Apart & Interrogated Tonight…

This is going to be awesome and better yet, FREE! Listen in tonight at 9pm Eastern time and 6pm Pacific as my "raw food father" Dr. Douglas N. Graham author of The 80/10/10 Diet gets interrogated by another friend of … Continue reading

“Why She Never Eats Bananas, and Why I Do”

I met a very nice person a while back named Gina. We’ve been corresponding a bit via email as well. She’s very excited about raw foods, but as is usually the case, she has been given lots of false information … Continue reading