Doped Up Doughboy Drops 70 Pounds – Explodes Energy Levels

I’d love to introduce to you another new friend of mine Matthew Warner. Matt has an incredible story of transformation via the Raw Food Diet. Matt went from being a face stuffing, junk food addict, high school alcoholic and drug … Continue reading

Start Your Day With Coffee and a Couple of 6-Packs

There’s nothing I love better than waking up to the smell of a pot of my favorite mocha-java brewing. I know that when I inhale that aroma and drink that cup my body will be shocked, stimulated and poisoned into an … Continue reading

Thank the Greek Gods I Can Get High Again Celebration

*** Cocainercise is on sale at more than a 60% discount. But the price increases every 30 minutes. *** I love getting high the natural way through exercise, raw food diet, meditation/visualization and getting high on life. A few days … Continue reading

2nd Illogical Factor That Explodes Energy Levels

Here’s another mind-blowing idea for increasing your energy levels. And it’s another way that defies logic, science and common sense. But if you do this, I think you’ll find yourself as excited and energetic as a Mexican Jumping Bean. At … Continue reading

Illogical Secret Factor Explodes Energy Levels

If you believe in science it would seem that the more you exercise the less energy you’ll have during that day. After all you’re expending calories and your energy comes from calories only. Or does it? I’ve come to believe … Continue reading

Challenges Pupi and I Faced Climbing Mt. McLoughlin

This past Wednesday my father (I still call him Papi but we pronounce it like the word pupi as in a puppy dog) and I got up at 5:15am in the morning in preparation for climbing Mt. McLoughlin in Oregon. … Continue reading

Batman Superhero Training

How you too can become a superhero in the next five minutes. Is it really possible to become a superhero? Yes I believe so.   A couple of days ago I went to see the latest Batman Movie, The Dark … Continue reading

Kung Fu Coffee Vitamin Zaps Afternoon Fatigue…

Several months ago, I stumbled upon an amazing technique that explodes energy levels and completely eradicates afternoon fatigue and grogginess. But I also discovered something even more incredible… By using this totally natural and healthy alternative to coffee, I was … Continue reading

Common myth leaves 21-year-old raw foodist dangerously low in this vital nutrient…

Here’s a question I recently received via email. These days I just don’t have the time to answer all of the hundreds of Raw Food Diet related questions sent to me via email. But occasionally I’ll answer one here in … Continue reading