Thank the Greek Gods I Can Get High Again Celebration

*** Cocainercise is on sale at more than a 60% discount. But the price increases every 30 minutes. *** I love getting high the natural way through exercise, raw food diet, meditation/visualization and getting high on life. A few days … Continue reading

This is really embarrassing for me to admit…

There’s something I’ve been struggling with for years. It’s not a huge problem for me and maybe that’s why I never fully solve it. Most people don’t have an issue with this at all. Sometimes I make great progress but … Continue reading

A Champion’s Approach To Going Raw

Something I’ve discovered over my years of coaching people to success with the raw food diet is this… You’ll succeed or fail at going 100% raw based on your mindset or beliefs. It’s not about your body type or this … Continue reading

90 Yr Old Chinese Monk Does 1 Finger Handstand

You’ve got to check this guy out, his finger must be made of iron. And he’s got to have incredible strength to do this as well. After you watch this some of you may think this is a trick done … Continue reading

Youth Restorer Special… Only 11 Hours Left

Have you been one of the many people who emailed me wanting to get your hands on a copy of my Youth Restorer Exercise but couldn’t find it for sale? What am I talking about?   Well a while back … Continue reading

Save Time – Burn Fat – Get High!

Or in other words jogging sucks for weight loss and creating a quick natural high! The other week when the weather was getting warmer and the sun was really bright, I started jogging again. I loved getting all that fresh … Continue reading

Could Your Mind Be Keeping You Fat?

Could your mind be tricking you into staying fat? Below you can listen to my special audio recording which will debunk five common myths related to exercise. Don’t let negative self-hypnosis ruin your life. Some of What You’ll Learn on … Continue reading