Re: Can you give me a call?

Wow I’m really looking forward to talking to you next week. Yesterday I received a bunch of great emails from people wanting to speak to me. There were some fascinating stories they shared with me about their journeys.   But … Continue reading

Raw Diet Self Mastery… One of the Easiest Ways to Do it

Going raw was easy once I did this. This is one of the easiest techniques for Raw Diet self-mastery.   Ok then, I’ll get to what this is below with examples from my life. Maybe you’ve noticed the same magical … Continue reading

Re: How To Go Raw

I just wanted to remind you and invite you again to a free telephone and or web-access seminar I’m holding tonight at 9pm Eastern Time. It’s going to be highly detailed, not a pitch fest. I’m going to be giving … Continue reading

2nd Illogical Factor That Explodes Energy Levels

Here’s another mind-blowing idea for increasing your energy levels. And it’s another way that defies logic, science and common sense. But if you do this, I think you’ll find yourself as excited and energetic as a Mexican Jumping Bean. At … Continue reading

Question Time: Ask Me Anything About the Raw Food Diet…

I’ll answer your Raw Food Diet questions FREE of charge.  Let me know what’s really bugging you about the Raw Food Diet. What factor if you solved it would make it easy for you to stay raw? Any question goes; … Continue reading

Harness “The Secret” To Go Raw Automatically…

Picture yourself three years from now having been 100% raw all of that time and loving it. Wouldn’t that feel amazing? Imagine how much your life will have improved because of it. Doesn’t this sound good to you? Pay Close … Continue reading

My # 1 Strategy for Going 100% Raw…

Want to discover my # 1 strategy for going and staying 100% raw? Then come and listen to me live Tuesday evening (5/6/08) as my friend Dr. Dave Klein founder of Living Nutrition magazine interviews me on the Raw Health … Continue reading

Re: Controversial Raw Food Guru Gets Picked Apart & Interrogated Tonight…

A number of people contacted me that they couldn’t find the archive link for Dave Klein’s interrogation (interview) of Dr. Douglas Graham. Well it wasn’t exactly an interrogation, but Dave certainly gave Doug lots of tough questions to answer regarding … Continue reading

Warning: This Could Morph You Into A Fitness Model If You’re Not Careful

I can’t stop it from happening… I wake up and get this crazy urge to turn myself into a human pogo stick. I start my morning by bounding around the house like a kangaroo. Wow is this bodyweight exercise fun … Continue reading