Wall Walking TONES Entire Body In 32 Seconds

In a world where people walk on the ground, you’ll be one of the few who can walk on walls… And that will make you better, stronger, faster. A couple of weeks ago I started using this exercise which is … Continue reading

I Almost Died in Yosemite-Pictures

And the Secret That Saved Me From Serious Danger Here I’m holding on for dear life. It’s not as tranquil as it seems. I almost died or could have had serious injuries like smashing my brain in and or breaking … Continue reading

Warning: This Could Morph You Into A Fitness Model If You’re Not Careful

I can’t stop it from happening… I wake up and get this crazy urge to turn myself into a human pogo stick. I start my morning by bounding around the house like a kangaroo. Wow is this bodyweight exercise fun … Continue reading