Famous Dr. Claims Raw Diet Leads to Malnutrition

I actually know many doctors who believe this to be true. Even two famous doctors I highly respect otherwise and whom I’ve mentioned before on my blog. But the truth is these doctors haven’t studied raw food nutrition enough to … Continue reading

Deadly Ways To deBLUBBERize

There are many ways to lose weight. Some of them are deadly, dangerous and stupid. Below I’ll review a sincere question from one of our fellow Superbeings regarding weight loss. It’s unfortunate how many lies and misinformation there are out there on … Continue reading

“Why She Never Eats Bananas, and Why I Do”

I met a very nice person a while back named Gina. We’ve been corresponding a bit via email as well. She’s very excited about raw foods, but as is usually the case, she has been given lots of false information … Continue reading