Earn Multiple Streams of Income as a Health Coach

One of the true joys in life is to earn money doing something you’re passionate about, that also makes a great contribution in the lives of others. If you’re passionate about health (yours — as well as other people’s) AND … Continue reading

Videos – Money as Debt – How Banks Create Money Out of Thin Air

This might be surprising to you if you don’t know it. Did you know that the multi-trillion dollar budget deficit in the United States can never be paid off with the current financial system? Every time politicians promise to balance the … Continue reading

Stop Worrying… Think This Instead for Instant Relief

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These 2 Words Ruin Most People

These two words have the power to ruin your life or to make it an amazing adventure. I just discovered an incredible addition to the Magic Questions technique that you get if you’re a subscriber to the Superbeing Secrets Letter. … Continue reading

Earth Shattering — Atom Smashing Discovery UNLOCKS Superhero Powers

Last night while watching a multi-millionaire, slow-talking, bald guy telling stories on a DVD about improving writing I had one of the most important breakthroughs of my life. I discovered – or realized – something – a MIRACLE really – that I’m quite … Continue reading

3 Second Abs Robs the Bank… Washes the Dishes

Yesterday I drove to the bank on a gorgeous summer day and went in to cash a bunch of fraudulent checks. After a while I realized that this was taking waaay too long. The teller was verifying all my signatures … Continue reading

Imagine… You a 100% Raw Superbeing… Effortlessly

What is the missing ingredient to going and staying 100% raw effortlessly? If you had this one idea being raw would be your only food preference and you’d never even consider going back to your old cooked food days. You … Continue reading