Will Make You Laugh and Made me Cry – Video

Andrew Driving, Dancing, Laughing and Smiling Video: Side Effects of Feeding a Toddler a 100% Raw Food Diet This was a video taken when I was doing fruit shopping (hence was out of the car) at one of the MANY … Continue reading

The “Stick to Your Ribs” Dinner Fruit

For the last two nights I’ve been enjoying eating a fruit I only ate once before in the United States. They grow in Florida and I believe you can get them at some stores in the United States. Certainly some … Continue reading

Why I’d rather be home than in Panama

“Yes Mr. Trump” and why I don’t like vacations… (In this post “another long one” I reveal a little more about Panama, Costa Rica and traveling while on a Raw Food Diet. We made MANY mistakes on our trip that … Continue reading