Money Exercises

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2 MAGIC WORDS that brings Joy, Health & Abundance

Yesterday I realized that there was one magical word that was largely responsible for the joy, health, abundance and paradise life that I now enjoy. This secrit word is responsible for all of my success in life. This word brings … Continue reading

Will you try this exercise for 30-seconds?

Can you do me a small favor and try doing one of the exercises below for 30-seconds? I’m doing a campaign to get people interested in exercise and I figured the best way to get started was to make exercise … Continue reading

Regrow Brain Cells, Increase Memory & Creativity with this Simple Activity…

"Use it or lose it." I used to believe that you couldn’t regrow brain cells. Recent studies have proven this a scientific myth. Certain parts of the brain do indeed grow new brain cells or neurons. Not only that but … Continue reading