When I Gave Up On Raw Food

Brainwashing and lying is rampant in our culture. In this audio I tell a story about when I struggled with staying raw. You’ll get to see many of the false beliefs I had at the time that were making it … Continue reading

Greatest Idea My Parents Taught Me About Health

I just wanted to share with you something my parents taught me about health that has molded and shaped my entire life. Without this precious gift I could have destroyed my health. Unfortunately I’ve seen this happen to so many … Continue reading

Beast to Bo Derek

A number of years ago when I was regularly attending and then leading raw food support groups in NYC I saw a woman undergo the most amazing transformation in appearance. She went from a decent looking middle aged woman (maybe … Continue reading

Almost Made Us Want To Eat Cooked Food

While we were still in New Jersey we went to the beach one day and little did I realize the temptations for cooked food while there. We went to Point Pleasant Beach which has a big boardwalk on it. I … Continue reading

Amazing Youth Vitamin Discovered

Recently I’ve been experimenting with an incredible new health, happiness, blubber reducing, fitness building, intelligence increasing and youth restoring vitamin. When you start taking it you’ll be astounded at the incredible list of benefits it will give you. This could … Continue reading

Finally: Med Conspiracy & Candida Interview is Ready

I’m very sorry for the delay in getting this interview to you. I’ve had a TON of things on my raw dinner plate this week. Anyways, I finally have this controversial interview set up for you and ready to go. … Continue reading

What NATURAL force is soley responsible for the degradation of humanity?

[media:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LUdS0k7mOmE] Paradise Diet Part 3, Want to Be Fit, Lose Weight, Gain Muscle, Steroid free? (I believe there are 7 videos in this series.) Here’s the direct link to part one if you want to start at the beginning: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5siDLVYOlts … Continue reading

Re: How To Go Raw

I just wanted to remind you and invite you again to a free telephone and or web-access seminar I’m holding tonight at 9pm Eastern Time. It’s going to be highly detailed, not a pitch fest. I’m going to be giving … Continue reading

Question Time: Ask Me Anything About the Raw Food Diet…

I’ll answer your Raw Food Diet questions FREE of charge.  Let me know what’s really bugging you about the Raw Food Diet. What factor if you solved it would make it easy for you to stay raw? Any question goes; … Continue reading

My # 1 Strategy for Going 100% Raw…

Want to discover my # 1 strategy for going and staying 100% raw? Then come and listen to me live Tuesday evening (5/6/08) as my friend Dr. Dave Klein founder of Living Nutrition magazine interviews me on the Raw Health … Continue reading