Is Kale Really the King of Greens?

I’ve been studying nutrition since my early teenage years. Ever since I started studying about Raw Food Nutrition I kept on hearing that Kale is the King of greens. Eat it and you’ll experience greens NIRVANA. This was always said … Continue reading

Blended Salads the Raw Food Recipes That Beat Cooked Food Cravings

Blended salads are one of the most important recipes you could add to your raw food diet arsenal. Long ago I realized the power of eating mineral rich greens to make it easier for me to stay on the 100% … Continue reading

Dina’s Depression Not Healed by Going Raw?

I received this email from Dina in response to the email I sent out yesterday entitled “Have you ever felt this fear?” I respond to her below. ======================================== “How to End Your ‘Dinnertime’ Cooked-Food-Cravings TONIGHT” Savory Veggie Stews – “The … Continue reading

Quiz: Who is the Raw Demolition – Man?

I’m sitting on a high balcony overlooking a lush green jungle while staying with someone who used to go by the nickname Raw Demolition. It’s humid and hot around 90 degrees or so and I’m loving every second of it. … Continue reading

3 Reasons Why Thanksgiving is a Load of Crap…

Thanksgiving used to be my favorite holiday of the year. And don’t get me wrong, I still love the basic concept of being grateful that everyone shares on Thanksgiving.   Below I’m going to give you three reasons why Thanksgiving … Continue reading

Raw Warrior “Gives the Finger” in NJ

Have you been pissed off lately with the dreadful state of the economy and the massive corruption in government and banking that has allowed this to happen? Have you lost your job and or your house? Are you afraid that … Continue reading

hamburgers – fries – spaghetti – bread – cookies – salty chips

If you’ve tried to go 100% raw you more than likely ran into that nagging, deep down feeling that something isn’t quite right with what you’re eating that I describe in the video below. In my early days of trying … Continue reading

Bring Chemical-Free Young Thai Coconuts to the U.S. East Coast

My buddy Ken Lyle (Dr. Doug Graham’s webmaster and boy genius) is involved in a great project to fight the corrupt food giants who can’t do anything without spraying toxic nerve gas on your foods. Up until now, you couldn’t … Continue reading

Raw Food Warrior Helps Me Stop Eating Late at Night

A couple of nights ago, I was enjoying a really tasty nut pate for the last meal of the day. It was late at night and mentally I told myself I didn’t want to eat anymore after this. For one … Continue reading