She Got Candida While on a Low Carb Diet

Many people believe that eating sugar or fruit (in the raw food world) will cause you to have candida problems. But here’s the funny thing, that’s not really the case at all. It’s a BIG FAT MYTH! In fact, long … Continue reading

Amazing Raw Synchronicity Story

Before I share this amazing story I want to share with you that I got a lot of fantastic responses to yesterday’s email “How to KNOW Truth – My Shocking Story” Thanks for all of your supportive comments, sharing … Continue reading

Re: How To Go Raw

I just wanted to remind you and invite you again to a free telephone and or web-access seminar I’m holding tonight at 9pm Eastern Time. It’s going to be highly detailed, not a pitch fest. I’m going to be giving … Continue reading

Feeling Deprived on Raw? How to Feel Completely Satisfied

Many people when switching to a 100% Raw Food Diet start to feel deprived. They feel they’re missing out on all of the good times they used to have. This feeling of deprivation makes many people fail to succeed at staying 100% … Continue reading

Is This Silly Belief RUINING Your Life?

I started major experimentation with the Raw Food Diet in 1996. By the spring of 1997 I had come to the conclusion that eating fruit made me hypoglycemic. Therefore I believed that eating a 100% Raw Food Diet just wasn’t … Continue reading

Videos After Dr. Graham’s Raw Food Diet Talk in NYC

The 41-Year-Old Teenager Caught on Video for the First Time Here are a few of the videos I took in NYC after attending Dr. Douglas Graham’s Raw Food Diet talk in Bonobo’s Restaurant in New York City.   In this … Continue reading

Which Raw Diet Shrinks Muscles but Can Pile on Pounds?

How To Gain Muscle On A Raw Food Diet Below I’ll reveal which kind of raw food diet is the worst for building muscle and which raw food diet is the ultimate natural body building diet. There’s a huge fallacy … Continue reading


There is a hidden war going on within the Raw Food Community. Most people who are into learning about raw foods are not aware of it and that is to their own detriment. Strangely enough, even some of the leaders … Continue reading

Common myth leaves 21-year-old raw foodist dangerously low in this vital nutrient…

Here’s a question I recently received via email. These days I just don’t have the time to answer all of the hundreds of Raw Food Diet related questions sent to me via email. But occasionally I’ll answer one here in … Continue reading