Watch Me Smash His False Belief About Protein and Energy

The video above is a compilation video with my new buddy Dave from Grants Pass, Oregon. He’s a customer of mine that I ran into at the Grants Pass Grower’s (Farmer’s) Market. He has tried going raw on his own … Continue reading

Eating Champedak and Eggfruit in Our Raw Thanksgiving in Hawaii

This video was the first one of three videos we took during our Raw Thanksgiving Dinner here in Hawaii. We show you what we have ‘baking’ in the oven (including a breadfruit and more) and then we eat some delicious … Continue reading

Chocolate Pudding Fruit in Hawaii – Chocolate Sapote

In this video I cut into a chocolate sapote or black sapote fruit while enjoying our stay here on the big island of Hawaii. I also show a number of other fruits that we’re eating including champedak, abiu, atemoya, papaya, … Continue reading

She Got Candida While on a Low Carb Diet

Many people believe that eating sugar or fruit (in the raw food world) will cause you to have candida problems. But here’s the funny thing, that’s not really the case at all. It’s a BIG FAT MYTH! In fact, long … Continue reading

Dr. Weston Price Says to Eat Meat – Should We?

Just got this email in today from Malena wondering why I don’t include small amounts of animal foods in my diet. I’ll be answering Malena’s questions within the body of her email. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ question Hi, I’m just wondering why you … Continue reading

These Mistakes Ruin most Raw Food Diet Newbies

A friend of ours was needlessly stabbing herself in the back when it comes to going 100% raw and staying raw. What’s so exasperating is that we could have easily helped her but she chose to not ask us questions. … Continue reading