When’s the Best Time to Exercise?

Here’s a question I got from Bob that seems to perplex many of my customers. ===== Can you answer a question for me? Do you exercise before or after breakfast, in other words, should we eat before exercising, or afterwards? … Continue reading

Videos After Dr. Graham’s Raw Food Diet Talk in NYC

The 41-Year-Old Teenager Caught on Video for the First Time Here are a few of the videos I took in NYC after attending Dr. Douglas Graham’s Raw Food Diet talk in Bonobo’s Restaurant in New York City.   In this … Continue reading

Which DIEt BOMBs your Kidneys?

Yesterday I made a blog post discussing Deadly Ways To deBLUBBERize. Today I’ll get more into detail of the dangers of the Dr. Atkins type or high protein diets. One of the biggest problems with this DIE-T is that it destroys … Continue reading

Return of the Raw Jedi

Wow I just found a fantastic piece of writing by Raw Jedi – Dr. Douglas Graham. Dr. D scientifically undresses one of the raw food gurus who calls himself "The World’s Leading Raw Food Author and Lecturer. Thanks to the … Continue reading