I’m So Sick of Eating Fruit…

GOTCHA! I thought that would get your attention. But it’s not me who gets sick of eating fruit anymore, it’s more likely YOU. If you’ve tried going on a 100% raw food diet for any length of time you may … Continue reading

“This is a great audio” so says Erik from Sweden

Read this great post from one of my http://HowToGoRaw.com members to find out which audio he’s talking about. Erik does make a few grammatical and spelling mistakes but he’s from Sweden. I wish my Spanish were as good as his … Continue reading

Steve is Finally FREE of Cooked Foods-Testimonial

I just got an email today from Steve Pavlina telling me that he’s switched to eating 100% raw for good. Here’s part of what he said: Thanks so much for your coaching, encouragement, and information. You helped me take a … Continue reading