Silly Reason Most Won’t Go 100% Raw

When I first started researching the Raw Food Diet the idea of becoming a 100% raw foodist was absolutely overwhelming. No friggin way did I want to give up my favorite foods. It was almost like I was giving up … Continue reading

Lazy Fitness While Brushing Your Teeth

Did you know you can even do Lazy Fitness exercises while brushing your teeth? I’m going to share with you one of those exercises. Think about this, when you normally go to brush your teeth you’re standing up straight. It … Continue reading

MacGyvered our way to Panama

(This is a long post – just warning you. If you’re interested in travel to Costa Rica, Panama and living in the tropics this blog post might be  interesting to you as you learn from our misadventures.) Wanted to let … Continue reading

Depression Success Story After 12 Years on Medications

Here’s an inspiring email I received and got permission to share with you. Denis is just another example of how eating raw fruits and vegetables injects happiness and light into your life. ======================================== “How to End Your ‘Dinnertime’ Cooked-Food-Cravings TONIGHT” … Continue reading