Breaking News: Dr. Douglas Graham Removed as Moderator at Vegsource Forum

Just in case you haven’t already seen this.

Dr. Douglas Graham Removed as Host and Moderator at the Vegsource forum that he was in charge of for 14 years.

Dr. Douglas Graham (chiropractor) has come under a lot of fire lately and rightfully so.

For instance in the video of Leah who almost died following his fasting advice. Had her mother not intervened I’m quite certain Leah would have died. I mean if anyone was on death’s door she certainly was.

Folks — NEVER — EVER fast with Dr. Douglas Graham if you value your life and health.

I’ve heard too many negative stories from people who’ve fasted with him.

In fact you can see some of those stories in the comments section of my post about Leah which I link to below.

Sure he’s had many fasting successes as well.

But somehow the bad experiences just never seemed to make it to the light of day for the broader raw food public.

Sure us insiders knew a lot of the dirt.

But we had a hard time proving it until Leah’s video came out.

I was even in conversation today with a prominent raw food teacher who fasted with Doug.

And that fast did not go well at all.

He may be writing about that negative fasting experience in the near future.

It’s quite obvious from Leah’s video that he either doesn’t have any common sense or he actually likes it when some of his fasters die. Or possibly that he has managed to completely delude himself about his “fasting religion.”

And yes I firmly believe from the evidence I’ve seen that people have died as a direct result of fasting with Dr. Graham including Jane Mutti.

She’s actually someone I met in person in Hawaii shortly before she went on the fast that seemingly precipitated her death.

No way in heck I would have thought that two months later she would be dead.

Here’s the link to that video with Leah in case you missed it.

“The Truth Finally Comes Out About the Dangers of Water Fasting at the Wrong Place”

And if you have your own fasting stories with Doug then please feel phree to share them in the comments area of the post linked to above.

And now for once with Dr. Graham not controlling the vegsource forum the truth can freely emerge without him wiping “clean” any of the voluminous dirt against him. And the dirt is quite ugly from what I’ve been seeing.

Including the reason he had his chiropractor license suspended around the year 2000. Turns out he had a fasting death way back then when he was fasting people in Florida at his “Club Hygiene”.

You can read all the details here for yourself:

Just make sure to click on the case # when you get to that page to open up the PDF file.

Actually the death was blamed on AIDS.

But anyone who’s properly informed knows that there’s no such thing. He died because he was so incredibly weakened by the fasting.

The man was almost 5 feet 10 inches tall and yet while fasting he went well under 100 pounds. That’s just freakin crazy.

And Doug had him start the fast when he was only 115 pounds.

What was he thinking???

And even way back then he didn’t check on his fasters personally but let the interns handle all if not most of it.

He also kept very poor records. One of the reasons his license was suspended.

Of note, for years we thought that the owners of the Vegsource forum Jeff and I believe Sabrina or possibly Vegsource employees were deleting controversial posts on Doug’s forum.

And Doug led everyone to believe that. That it wasn’t him or his employees or associates that were doing it for him.

For many years I believed the moderating was being done by the Vegsource team. However, all along (from what I gather Jeff was saying) it was Doug and his cronies.

You can see Jeff’s post here where he corrects the mistake that talks about this:

“Thanks and a correction”

Also it appears Doug made another lie (or maybe his memory is just bad).

He said he had been posting on Vegsource for 20 years. When in fact, Vegsource itself did not exist until 1998. And Doug himself did not start being in charge of that raw forum until 2000. In fact, raw chef Juliano was originally the moderator of that forum. So only 14 years. Where did those extra 6 years come from?

Well maybe he was just mistaken.

Here’s his last post after having been relieved of his role as host of the forum.

“Welcome to the new board”

If you want to learn the truth about Dr. Douglas Graham I suggest you now spend some time on his forum.

Especially look for posts from MM (Michele Martinez) as she has shared a lot of valuable insights and insider facts.

And of course you’ll find a number of people on that forum with their heads in the sand.

They don’t want to examine any of the facts that make Dr. Graham out in a bad light.


Because they are deluded followers of his raw and fasting cult.

But the truth is coming out.


For years anytime someone tried to post the truth on Doug’s forum he simply had the posts taken off the forum (though you can find them if you have the direct link for it) and or deleted posts entirely.

At least now there is no more censoring of truth.

Sure there’s a lot of misinformation.

But if you want to find the truth, you’ll be able to find a good chunk of it there now.

Including info about other raw gurus and fasting practitioners that you may not be aware of.

By the way the forum name has been changed to “Raw & Raw Til 4.”

So why am I sharing this information with you today?

Because I don’t want to see anyone else get hurt while fasting with Dr. Douglas Graham.

Clearly the same pattern of behavior has been happening for 20 years.

How many people might have died as a result of fasting with him? There are certainly many rumors of other fasting deaths.

Yes I used to be friends with Doug a long time ago. And I used to recommend his books and programs.

And I still believe that “The 80-10-10 Diet” is a good raw food book. Though I would not recommend anyone follow it to a T.

Otherwise you’d be at serious risk of nutrient deficiency and of lots of dental problems.

So please be extremely careful.

There are some raw food leaders out there who appear to be genuine and really care for people. When in fact, they don’t give rats arse about the welfare of anyone but themselves.

You’ve really got to do your due diligence.

I hope this email helps you get the facts that have been suppressed for many years.

Your Radiant Health, Fitness and Infinite Potential Coach,

Roger Haeske

The Cooked Food Addiction Buster
Making the Raw Food Diet Effortless through Tastiness


Breaking News: Dr. Douglas Graham Removed as Moderator at Vegsource Forum — 7 Comments

  1. Thanks a lot, Roger, for the information about the dangers of water fasting. I had no idea at all (zilch, nada) that a water fast could lead to death because the candida will burrow deeper into the tissues/cells. I was so shocked to find this out. I wanted to do a water fast myself for a limited amount of time but this information has frightened me so I definitely will not be doing a water fast on my own. Maybe will do one in the future under the supervision of a very knowledgeable professional. And I am not surprised to read about Dr. Graham. I saw him in person when he was invited to the state where I live. I was not that impressed. We were asked to submit a list of questions so I asked him what the optimal amount of sleep is. And he responded in a very questionable manner which did not answer my question at all. I perceived him to be somewhat arrogant also. But of course I was hoping that perhaps it was his confidential demeanor that I perceived as arrogance. I always appreciate all the health and other info. you share.

  2. I hope that this article is not to imply that fasting is all together dangerous. It seems that Azna has become scared of fasting because of it. Fasting with Doug maybe dangerous, but I truly believe that fasting is a great way to optimize your health. Of course everyone’s starting point is different. And fear is a major factor in regards to whether you should fast or not. I saw the video with Leah. Stop looking at these people as if they are God. Do your own research and stop placing all of your trust in other people. I have personally conducted many of my own fasts with nothing but great results and it has never cost me $8000!!

    • Hahaha totally agreed. It doesn’t matter where you go, it seems like people fall prey to this God like figure as if it is an 801010 cult (which it is not). I have been reading Doug’s book and I like it, however I am not going to follow his recommendations unless they feel right for me. But in regards to the fasting, it was costa rica where there is not the freshest water so what would you expect. I’m surprised though that any human would try and do what he did to her when she clearly needed IV drip and hydration. Not a vegan attitude at all.
      Personally I think water fasting is good for all people as long as they are not on medications or have health conditions that could make it a bad choice but there is always juice fasting and also eating a raw diet cleans your body pretty well anyway but certainly would not spend $8k on fasting.

  3. Hi Roger. I am sorry to here about Dr graham problems with some fasting patient.I personally know Dr Graham for over 20 years .and what you tell me about him now suggest that you have a personal problem with the most dissent individual I have known in the raw food environment.what you discover was probably a mistake and you know we all make mistaskes.

    • Aloha Wilson,

      I remember you.

      Yes I was deceived by Doug Graham as well for many years. I can assure you this is nothing personal but simply a warning to protect my readers.

      Putting your health in his hands is a DANGEROUS thing to do.

      It’s so easy to be deceived but unfortunately Dr. Graham has been caught in countless lies. Just do the research I have presented in this and other related blog posts and you will see for yourself. In fact, you can just watch this video for even more proof from the founder of Vegsource who used to allow Doug Graham to host their raw food forum.

  4. Hi,
    If the things you share are true I thank you very much for the help it has provided me in knowing of these things, etc. I would like to know if there is more information available on Jane Mutti please, I have not found anything..?! Thanks! 🙂

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