Can I Help?

Savory Veggie Stews 2000th Saleabration – [79 Sold] Price To Increase After 100th Sale Use Discount Code: “2000” Without Quotes at Checkout Go to and save BIG =============================================== I have something absolutely mind blowing to give you. Please be … Continue reading

Eat Divine Cosmic Energy

You might think this article to be whacky or crazy but at least you might find it entertaining. I’m writing this an exercise for myself and hopefully you’ll find it valuable as well. In the very near future and maybe … Continue reading

3 Invisible Secrets To Infinite Potential

Yesterday I decided to take an easy day and didn’t get much work done. But I did go to see a movie. I saw "The Day the Earth Stood Still" with Keanu Reeves. I really loved the first 3/4’s of … Continue reading

Logic and Common Sense Kill the Superbeing Within!

My # 1 Most Popular & Life-Changing Email Ever… Over the years, I seem to get the most testimonials for a particular email in my free 31-day Raw Food Diet course. This article is not directly related to doing the … Continue reading

Sorry I haven’t kept in touch, I’ve been drunk all week…

I’m sorry it’s been so long since I’ve emailed you or put up a new post. The problem is I was drunk all week long. Drunk with desire that is. I haven’t drunk any alcohol in at least ten years … Continue reading

“Magnetic Personality” Incredible Concept Unlocks It Automatically…

Your mission, should you decide to accept it… Do you ever fantasize about being the hero in a movie? I always love watching movies like Star Wars, The Matrix or Superman because I somehow relate to the hero. I always … Continue reading

“Perpetual Worrying” The Ultimate Solution Discovered

Do you find yourself worrying all of the time?" I have a confession to make, I’m a natural worrier as well. In fact, even this morning I had a slight sensation of worry. That’s what gave me the idea to … Continue reading

The Low Self-Esteem Illusion… A Simple Cure

Do you have a hard time attracting women because you feel you have nothing to offer them? Is your self-worth tied into how much money you earn or how pretty you look?  Are you a worthless piece of trash if … Continue reading

The Simple Secret To Continual Bliss

It’s an interesting thought that you, me and everyone else can live in continual or perpetual bliss at any time. Did you know that you don’t have to go to heaven? Why go to heaven if you are already there? … Continue reading