Our Barefoot Mountain Climbing Adventure at God’s House

We climbed the Cathedral Rock Trail in God’s House (Sedona, Arizona) totally barefoot.

Well I just had to share this with you.

Firstly, what is God’s House?

Well I can describe it to you with this quote that I think I read from a writer at New Yorker Magazine.

“God built the Grand Canyon but he lives in Sedona.”

I did something today I NEVER expected that I would be doing. I climbed the rocky and steep trail up Cathedral Rock in Sedona, Arizona barefoot. And so did Karmyn, Andrew and Rainbow.

I’m so proud of myself and my family for having done this. For I have not been Mr. barefoot for most of my life.

In fact, yesterday I climbed up Cathedral Rock with Andrew and Rainbow but Andrew and I had hiking boots on. But Rainbow went barefoot.

Her feet are so strong that she can sprint on rocks. Same with Andrew.

So we figured we’d try going a very small part of the way barefoot. To both Karmyn and my astonishment it was not that painful. So we went all the way up to the top barefoot even though we had brought some shoes in case we couldn’t. And we came all the way back down barefoot. I’m sure once Karmyn and my feet get used to it we will find that hiking barefoot is far superior to using hiking boots.

Coming down my feet started hurting more than on the way up. But I still did it all the way.

We were barefoot hiking for 3 hours and 15 minutes. And were the only humans that we encountered that went up barefoot. And there were a lot of people climbing the trail that we passed. We did see two dogs going up barefoot.

I tell you it made for a fantastic conversation starter to hike up there barefoot as a lot of people wanted to know more about the family that hikes barefoot.

It was a majestic experience and the beauty of Cathedral Rock and Sedona is incredible. My video camera does not even come close to doing it justice. It just doesn’t capture the colors and beauty that you actually see with the naked eye when here.

So why go hike barefoot and why is it important to you?

1. Because of the incredible healing effects of Grounding or Earthing. If you want to have better sleep, reduce inflammation, heal chronic injuries, gain protection from excessive electromagnetic frequencies and just have better health and happiness overall then you’re going to want to start grounding as soon as possible.

And try to get in a minimum of 20 minutes per day. Yesterday I got close to 4-hours of Grounding due to the long hike and other Grounding opportunities and I slept like a baby as a result. Yes if you have insomnia it might indeed help you to fall asleep much easier.

To me that’s felling two mangoes with one stone. I’m always looking for opportunities throughout my day to Ground. As my feet get stronger I’ll be able to do way more things barefoot.

In fact, I’m totally shocked I was even able to do this. Maybe the fact that there are strong vortex points at Cathedral Rock made it easier for me to take the pain of walking barefoot. Of course, had I been walking barefoot all of my life this would not have been a problem but over the years I have developed wussie feet which leads me into the next reason for hiking barefoot.

2. Because wearing shoes is the equivalent of wearing a cast. It makes your feet really weak. So I’m trying to undo 48 years or so of wearing casts on my feet. For the last year or so I’ve been barefoot more often than not. And so I’ve been gradually strengthening my feet.

I have intentionally walked on rocks and more painful stuff at the beach to try and gradually harden my feet up. But only for like 10 to 15 minutes at a time and certainly not every day. But this was my most intense trial yet.

It’s the following day and my feet are still sore. So I don’t think I’ll do that hike again barefoot today. But I think by tomorrow my feet will be totally pain free and I’ll also have a lot tougher feet so I can do that same climb again even easier.

We’re all very much looking forward to more barefoot hiking in the years to come.

By the way I think you’ll find this interesting.

My 5 year old daughter Rainbow used to hate hiking when she used her hiking boots. It was like she constantly wanted me to carry her. She’d walk a minute or two and then want me to carry her. And carry her I did for much of our previous hikes.

But once we took the boots off of her and just let her go barefoot she was EXTREMELY happy, willing and eager to go on long hikes without me having to pick her up at all. She went all the way up the Cathedral Rock Trail by herself two times. It’s a short hike (takes me about a half hour with my shoes) with a steep 600 foot elevation change. There are a number of times where you’re climbing rock and using your hands too.

Rainbow just never liked wearing shoes (or clothes for that matter) and so she was very uncomfortable with when we put the hiking boots on her.

Do you know how much money I can save if I don’t have to buy the kids and myself shoes anymore?

Your Radiant Health, Fitness and Infinite Potential Coach,

Roger Haeske
The 49-Year Old Teanajer
“World leader in 100% Raw Food Diet, Anti-Aging and No-Equipment Fitness Training”

P.S. If you’d like to take your health to an even higher level than Grounding can achieve or then I recommend you try experimenting with a Raw Food Diet. Raw Food is like an extension of Grounding or getting attuned to Nature.

And the easiest way to go raw is to love what you eat. Once you discover the wide variety of Savory Raw Carbs foods and the Anticraver Secret Recipe I think you’ll see that your cooked food cravings are a thing of the past.

In fact I just got this email in the other day with yet another Anticraver testimonial.

Hey Roger,

Just writing to let you know that I’ve started making some variations of the “Anticraver” recipes, with (blank) being the main ingredient. The (blank) really are an “anti-craver”, I didn’t know how filling they could be if you eat them in large quantities! Next thing I’m gonna try out is making the savory flat bread.

Mike Price

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Andrew Blows Away Taunting Mexican Boys in Feat of Strength & Endurance

“Andrew Blows Away Taunting Mexican Boys in Feat of Strength & Endurance”

My unofficially adopted son Andrew had a major awakening a few evenings ago.

Here’s what happened.

We went out as a family about 45 minutes before sundown to the incredible sand dunes at Playa Algodones here in San Carlos, Mexico.

And I’ve made it a custom to do hill sprints on these sand dunes.

I mean, as soon as I saw these incredible sand dunes I realized I had fitness gold here. Not only was this fantastic for doing hill sprints but I could do the hill sprints bare foot and therefore was getting the healing benefits of Grounding or Earthing at the same time.

That’s a total win win for me.

Well the kids really loved running up and down the sand dunes as well. Karmyn wants to do them too but she’s been having some knee pain lately (possibly due to her oxalate sensitivity) so she’s had to hold off until that heals.

This time out was our third time there and when we arrived there were about five Mexican children who were hanging out at the sand dunes as well.

As far as I could tell they were all thin. Though supposedly the oldest boy was a little on the overweight side. But not really phat at all.

Anyways, we all started doing our sprints and I suppose the Mexican boys were observing us from afar.

Well when I was gone with Karmyn doing some beach clean up and picking up pieces of broken glass on the sand dunes it appears these Mexican boys decided to challenge Andrew. (Yes the beaches here are loaded with pollution and broken glass that we routinely pick up. Unfortunately the culture in Mexico seems to encourage polluting. The average Mexican [certainly not all] has no conception of preserving the beauty of nature.)

In fact, at least one of the boys spoke to him in English saying something like “do you want to race?” and then saying after that “I’m going to beat you.”

Well they all started running up the sand dune but they were so tired out less than half way up that they couldn’t make it all the way up. In fact, Andrew was able to take it easy and beat them by jogging up (even though those kids had a head start up the sand dune).

Those boys were all struggling to get up. Pushing each other on their butts to try to force up their brothers further up the slippery dune. But from what Andrew told me they never even made it to the top. It was way too difficult for them to make it up even just once.

Yet by the time Andrew had raced them he’d already run up and down the sand dunes at least four times in the previous half hour. And he’d already done his full workout earlier in the day which was pretty intense as well.

Then the Mexican kids father tried running up the sand dune and he went like ten steps or so and then just gave up. It was much too difficult for him.

Afterwords I arrived and saw the father filming Andrew at the bottom of the sand dune as Andrew was running up the sand dune on his own. This was after his boys had been thoroughly trounced by Andrew.

I can’t tell you how incredibly happy Andrew was that he could beat these boys up the sand dune. I mean he was just grinning from ear to ear. Never before in his entire life was he so happy that he was a raw foodists. (And I was really happy for Andrew as well.)

The thing is that Andrew doesn’t really know how good he has it. Up until this point he had almost no clue.

And that’s because he lacks the contrast in experience to demonstrate to him how much better off he is by eating raw.

He hasn’t for instance been to gym class to compare himself to other boys and girls his age. And that is because he is home schooled.

So when he so easily beat these boys of which some of them were likely older than Andrew he was amazed.

He finally started grasping the advantage he has by eating a mostly Raw Food Diet. Because when you eat raw one of the first things that happens is you actually clear out your lungs.

In Andrew’s case he really didn’t need to do that because he’s been eating mostly raw his entire life.

But for me when I was in my early twenties I noticed something when I went to play basketball at open gym at Piscataway, High School.

I would be running and or sprinting up and down the court and then spitting up mucus that was stuck in the bottom of my lungs. That’s how I know for sure I had a thick coating of mucus in the bottom of my lungs.

Then in my first month of going 100% raw I was constantly spitting out mucus. To the newbie he might assume that eating raw produces a lot of excess mucus or flem in the body. But he’d be wrong.

In fact, my body finally had enough energy (due to a dramatically lower toxin load) to expel the mucus that had been in my lungs for most of my life. Even at five years old I noticed that I started having problems breathing as well as I used to. Only after being 100% raw did I finally feel the incredible pleasure of taking a full deep breath.

Yes you can and will breathe deeper and better when eating a raw vegan diet. It gives you advantages in so many departments of life. But one of those departments is definitely athletics.

People who eat raw naturally have greater endurance than people who eat cooked food. Yes a change in diet can dramatically improve athleticism. Eating raw “properly” also helps you become resistant to hot weather and it helps keep you super hydrated.

Plus the body is built with stronger building materials and is much less susceptible to being injured.

So many professional athletes are falling apart as they hit 30 years old. That would not be happening if they ate 100% raw the way I teach.

Now getting back to Andrew.

This experience was a total awakening to him. He just never knew (due to a lack of real world comparison) how many advantages in life he had due to eating raw.

His trouncing of the Mexican boys up the sand dune increased his desire to be raw but also increased his desire to continue exercising and to do more of these sand dune hill sprints. I mean he’s finally starting to “get it” for the first time.

It’s not just me telling him and explaining to him. It was with his own experience. And that was a lot more powerful for him.

He simply doesn’t know what he’s been missing.

I mean he’s never gotten seriously sick in his entire life. And now that we have our Flummunity Protocol we just don’t get colds or flues anymore at all.

This is all the fun stuff Andrew has missed out on:

* Never had an ear ache.

* Never had infections.

* Never took antibiotics in his entire life.

* Never was vaccinated.

He simply has no clue the childhood misery he’s been missing.

Even before we discovered Flummunity his colds were nothing compared to what Karmyn and I experienced as children. When you have colds on a Raw Food Diet they’re generally a lot less intense and don’t last that long either.

But also, he hasn’t had deep interaction with kids who eat cooked food. Yes he’s had friends who eat cooked food. But it’s not like he went to school and competed against others his age. He hasn’t spent all day with them day after day and month after month.

He just doesn’t realize how much happier he naturally is than boys and girls who eat cooked food.

Then again, I also did not know from first hand experience how bad it is to take drugs and how it can destroy your life either. Sometimes you just have to trust your parents.

When my parents told me that if I took drugs I could easily become addicted to them and destroy my life I decided then and there never to take drugs in my life. Same with smoking.

I mean, I wanted to be an athlete, so why would I ever start smoking. And I was shocked to see later in high school that some of my fellow athletes started smoking.

What idiots “I thought to myself.”

Anyways, I hope what I’ve written here helps you realize how going raw gives you BIG TIME advantages over the average person. By comparison you’ll be a Superbeing.

Your Radiant Health, Fitness and Infinite Potential Coach,

Roger Haeske
The 48-Year Old Teanajer
Your Raw Food Diet Mentor
The Savory Raw King