This is an open letter to men and women who don't like to exercise but know they should...
“New Fitness Breakthrough Gives You That Beach Body Look with No-Strain Workouts That Can Be Done in 5 to 10-Minutes or Less”
I Discovered a Lazy Way of Exercising That Never Tires You Out and Yet Gives You Faster Strength and Fitness Gains Than Traditional No-Pain, No Gain Workouts.
  • You Don’t Have to Lift Weights 
  • You Don’t Have to Do Painful Negative Reps Or Exercise Past Failure
  • You Don't Have to do 20 Different Exercises
  • You Don't Need a Gym Membership
  • You Don’t Even Have to Try Hard or Get Sore
You’ll Be Stunned When You Discover Just How Fast and Easy it is to Get In Amazing Shape.
No Equipment and Bodyweight Fitness Expert Roger Haeske 
The 49-Year Old Teanajer
The Raj of Raw and Sultan of Savory 
"World leader in 100% Raw Food Diet, Anti-Aging and No-Equipment Fitness Training"
“Hey, Mr. Teanajer this all sounds a little too good to be true. Did you really get a body like that without trying hard, lifting weights or getting sore?”
Well the truth is that I have used many different fitness techniques over the years. Some of them fairly intense and some of them not as intense.

But I haven't worked out at a gym in probably 20 years and I don't lift weights either. I just do about 4 to 7 different bodyweight and isometric style exercises and I don't necessarily do them all on the same day. Plus I do my Youth Restorer Exercise as well for conditioning, lean appearance and anti-aging purposes.

The really neat thing I discovered recently is that you can do a high percentage of your fitness program in a fairly lazy fashion and yet get as good or better results than training  until failure or beyond failure as many people force themselves to go through in the gyms or with personal trainers.

With most traditional fitness systems you're taught that you must breakdown your muscle in order to make your muscles bigger and stronger. But breaking down muscle causes soreness and fatigue.

So if you're sore, you're a bore and you're not gonna score.

In other words, if you're sore you can't exercise anymore.

With my system you actually do a lot more exercise because you don't wear yourself out. The actual amount of weight you lift (even if we're talking your body weight) will be much higher overall because you can be totally fresh each day and exercise daily without having to take rest days.

This daily continuous exercise is what trains the nervous system and produces rapid gains in strength and fitness without the need to break down muscle at all.

Over a decade ago I read about a special way of exercising from a Russian fitness expert that focused on training the nervous system instead of breaking down muscles.

And quite frankly the results with using systems similar to his have been outstanding. It  has been proven extremely effective even at the Olympic level with several gold medalists using a similar system as I teach but designed for lifting heavy weights.

Strongest Man in the World Used a Similar Method of Exercise

Also in the 1950's there was a guy who was super strong and he smashed through many previous weight lifting records by using a similar system of training. It's just something he uncovered by accident. No one taught him this system.

I know another guy who went from doing 12 to 25 pull-ups in a row in about 30 days using yet another similar system.

So back in 2014 I ran my original Lazy Pig - Speed Strength System Bootcamp. It was a great success.

For instance, I had one student improve the number of push-ups he could do in a row by 900% in 30 days.

Many of my female students had similar results except the exact results were harder to give you a percentage of because when they started out they were far from doing even a single push-up. They had to start by doing my easier push-up progression. Yet after 30 days they were doing between 3 to 8 full push-ups in a row.

Of course they used several other bodyweight exercises as well during our boot camp. Had we only focused on push-ups I'm sure their results would have been a LOT better.
Picture of Roger Haeske at About 49.5 Years of Age
I took this selfie on 12/06/2016.

To get these results I usually exercise from 10 to 30 minutes per day.  And most of the exercises I do, don't require heavy strain or exertion. Plus I don't lift weights, or use exercise equipment or machines. The only 'equipment' that I use is a pull-up bar. But even that is not necessary.

I also take a day off from time to time but I prefer to exercise daily at least a little bit.
The results were great but there was one big drawback...
Even though the Lazy Pig - Speed Strength System was easy to do it was hard to focus on more than 2 or 3 exercises per day.

Because as you advanced the workouts would take longer and longer. Yes you could still do them quickly by doing random sets throughout the day (which is only one of several methods). Hence you wouldn't need to include a rest break and that saves a LOAD of time. But even with that method it was still hard to focus on more than 2 exercises per day.

While it didn't take a lot of actual time, it took a lot of mental focus because you had to keep reminding yourself to do your exercises all throughout the day.

That's when I realized I had to find a way to make things a lot faster. It took me a couple of weeks of experimentation with the idea in mind of exercising without burning out the nervous system but finding a way to do it a lot faster.

And I finally came upon the principles needed to get rapid gains in strength and endurance without it taking all day long to do it. And yet still keep the workouts on the gentle side.

Even these days I'm making further advances to the system by using it daily and making adjustments as needed.

 That was and is the genesis of my new system ...
Introducing the New
"Lazy Pig System 10"
Imagine waking up each morning and looking forward to your daily workout because it's quick, feels great to do and you're seeing regular progress in your strength, endurance, energy levels and physique without wearing yourself out or getting sore.
When You Step Inside the Interactive Lazy Pig Members Area This is What You'll Find...
1. The "Lazy Pig System 10" Written PDF File:
In Written and Downloadable PDF format.
$49.00 Value
2. The Expanded MP3 Audio Version of PDF:
Listen in your car or MP3 player to an expanded version of the PDF.
$59.00 Value
3. Slothercise System: 
Learn an even easier way to exercise for days when you're super tired or lack motivation.
$17.00 Value
4. Four Pre-Push-Ups Videos:
Can't do full push-ups? How about if you simply start by doing much easier types of push-ups & build up your strength using the Lazy Pig principles? Watch these videos to learn a step-by-step progression.
$27.00 Value
5. Lazy Pig Chin-Ups and Pull-Ups Workout Video:
 This is a teaching & demo video from the original Lazy Pig System.
$20.00 Value
6. Frequently Asked Questions Section (FAQ):
This is where I'm listing common questions that get asked repeatedly. Also you can ask your own questions if anything is unclear to you in the LPS10 program.
$30.00 Value
The High Value Bonuses Below are for PREMIUM Level Customers Only
1. Take Action Accountability Program: 
I'll help you to take action on your personal fitness goals. This will insure you make daily exercise into not just a daily habit but a healthy addiction. This includes the "30-Day Challenge" where all you have to do is one exercise for 10-minutes or less per day. You will also have the support of other LPS10 members.
$200.00 Value
2. Email Consulting: 
You can email me privately with up to 5 questions you have about LPS10 or your fitness goals.  This way I can work with you more personally and customize your fitness plan based on your needs. $150.00 Value
3. Video Course: 
You'll see 3 videos explaining and demonstrating how to do LPS10.
$69.00 Value
4. Healercise System + Bonuses PDF File:
Learn a special way to exercise that heals your body while connecting you with Nature. - Plus several mind blowing bonuses.
NOTE: This super valuable bonus program will be delivered to you 30-days after you become a member of LPS10 PREMIUM.
$37.00 Value
This is What Super Fit Vegan Author Jeff Sekerak Had to Say After Reading Healercise
Healercize: The best! Trust me: I’m objective…

Healercize is WITHOUT QUESTION one of the most valuable e-books you will ever read. You'll learn to: 1) Heal injuries. 2) Reconnect with Nature. 3) Exercise with ZERO equipment. Yet be fit as hell! For years:  I’ve been using MANY of the methods outlined in this e-book. And I can tell you from experience… They work.

Further: Healercize includes several HIGHLY valuable bonus sections. In fact: They’re so valuable, I say: They could have been $27 e-books all on their own. And the price would be right. What’ll you learn in said bonuses?  
How to…

Pay your SELF first. Great stuff. This section could have you on the way to succeeding in your own business (starting now). 

Improve your memory. With a technique you ALREADY know how to do. But that you may have long forgotten. Really does ‘work like magic.’ 


'Unlock the mysterious Law of Creation.' It's a mystery alright. As Modern Man has forgotten how powerful he can REALLY be. If he just puts his mind to it for a change. Give him a good example… 

Do that now. 

Read Healercize! 

For best results? Read it twice. I’m on my third go-around right now. Talk about a GREAT e-book. Let me see if I’ve exaggerated that claim…Hmm... 


SUPER valuable stuff! 

Trust me: I’m objective. 

I've read thousands of these things. 

Jeff Sekerak
5. Lightning Speed Exercise (LSE) Videos:
How to do one of the most incredible leg and lung exercises on the planet from my best selling Lightning Speed Fitness Program.
Plus you get a second video showing 2 easier leg exercises if you're not yet strong enough to do full LSE's.
$27.00 Value
6. Easy Pull-Ups Video:
This video demonstrates a much easier way to do chin-ups or pull-ups so that even if you can't do a single full pull-up or chin-up now, you can use these to build up your strength & soon after achieve the ability to do full pull-ups.
$17.00 Value
7. PIGinator Exercise Videos:
This is possibly the best single exercise for developing overall body strength, endurance, explosiveness & athleticism. You get one video showing 3 different levels of difficulty from easiest to hardest. Plus a second demo PIGinator workout video.
$27.00 Value
8. Accelerated Abs Exercise Video:
This of one of the all time greatest ab & core strengthening exercises for giving you chiseled 6-pack abs in record time. It blows away sit-ups & crunches because it contracts abs & core with much higher intensity. A full workout can be completed in just 60 to 90 seconds.
Value $17.00 
So let me ask you…
What is Getting a Lean, Strong, Athletic and Sexy Body Worth to You?
And how would you like to finally be able to master doing 50 to 100 push-ups, 20 chin-ups and 250 body weight squats in a row (or any other high repetition exercise) while reaching those milestones faster than you ever have before?

Even if you can't do a single full push-up right now... What would it be worth to you to have the confidence a month or two from now, showing off to your friends that you can do 10 full push-ups in a row? Not only that, you achieved this feat without breaking a sweat or overly exerting yourself with short workouts that took significantly less than 10-minutes a day?

If you’re like a lot of people, you’ve already spent hundreds if not thousands of dollars on weight loss and fitness books, courses, gym membership, exercise gadgets, personal trainers etc. But none of those gave you the results you wanted. And that’s because they were all missing two crucial ingredients…

1. The workouts were too difficult, painful and left you overly sore. 

2. Exercising took too much time out of your day. (Especially doing 45 minutes of just cardio with the attempt to slim down not to mention the rest of your workout at the gym and even just getting to the gym and back home again.)

That’s what makes "Lazy Pig System 10" different. Because for the first time ever, you’ll finally be able to get the your dream body while actually looking forward to your easy daily workouts. And these are workouts you can do in the comfort, privacy and security of your own home without needing space hogging weights or expensive exercise gadgets. And that’s a promise.

Now, I know you’re thinking that this is gonna set you back at least $500.00.

Relax… you don’t have to pay $500.00 – not even close.

You don’t even have to pay $250.00.

Your final price is just $200.00.

But if you act now during our worldwide launch, you can join the "Lazy Pig System 10" community for the introductory price of just $124.99 (one time fee) for the PREMIUM level which includes all of the amazing bonuses and the accountability package in which you get to work with me personally.

That's five times cheaper than paying for a month with a decent personal trainer but instead you'll be in charge of your fitness for the rest of your life.

And you'll love exercising so much that you won't need to waste money hiring a personal trainer to "motivate" you to exercise or to teach you how to do all sorts of complicated and often dangerous weight lifting exercises that can leave you functionally crippled like what happens to so many long time weight lifters.

Plus you can cancel your expensive gym membership too because you just won't need it anymore.

That’s right – your fitness problems solved, hundreds if not thousand of dollars per year saved and me as your virtual personal trainer (for 30-days during our challenge at the start of the new year in January 2017) for a one-time investment of just $124.99 in the Premium Accountability Package.

I believe you know that this is an absolute steal.

And best of all…

Your satisfaction is absolutely, positively guaranteed.
30-Day Money Back Guarantee
I'm 100% confident that "Lazy Pig System 10" will totally transform your enjoyment of exercise and therefore your results. And you have a full 30-days to put the Lazy Pig System to the test.

If for any reason you're not satisfied then simply email me at
support ( at ) superbeing ( dot ) com and I'll refund your money.
Which Lazy Pig System 10 Package is Right for You?
Important Note: This product is a digital download and online training and accountability. Nothing will be physically shipped to you.
Basic Package
One time payment only. No monthly fees.
  • "Lazy Pig System 10" PDF Ebook -
    $49.00 Value
  • Expanded MP3 Audio Version of the Ebook
    $59.00 Value
  • Slothercise System: $17.00 Value
  • Four Pre-Push-Ups Videos:
    Gradually progress to doing full push-ups
    $27.00 Value
  • Chin-Ups & Pull-Ups Workout Video: Shown using the original Lazy Pig System
    $20.00 Value 
  • FAQ Section: 
    Can't find an answer then look here and or post your question. $30.00 Value
Lazy Pig System 10
Premium Package
 One time payment only. No monthly fees.
Best Value
  • Everything in the Basic Package 
    Plus These Incredible Bonuses 
  • Accountability Program:
    Including the "30-Day Fun Fitness Challenge"
    $200.00 Value
  • Email Consulting:
    Ask me 5 fitness or LPS10 related questions.
    $150.00 Value 
  • Three Video Course "Lazy Pig System 10": 
    Learn LPS10 visually + Demo Workout
    $69.00 Value 
  • Healercise System Plus Bonuses - PDF: 
    Learn a special exercise system to heal chronic injuries + a lot more.
    NOTE: This super valuable program will be delivered to you 30 days after you join.
    $37.00 Value
  • Lightning Speed Exercise (LSE) Video: How to do an incredible leg & lung workout. Includes 2nd beginner workout video - $27.00 Value 
  • Easy Pull-Ups Video: Learn a much easier  version of chin-ups & pull-ups to make it easy to gradually progress to full ones.
    $17.00 Value 
  • Two PIGinator Exercise Videos: Best single exercise for developing overall body strength, endurance & athleticism while melting body fat. $27.00 Value
  • Accelerated Abs Exercise Video: 
    Get sculpted washboard abs and rock solid core in about minute a day of actual exercise.
    Value $17.00
Lazy Pig System 10
Easy 3-Payment Plan
 Three easy payments, over the courser of three months.
  • Full Premium Accountability Package: 
    This includes everything in the Premium Package above including the Accountability, 30-Day Challenge and the high value bonuses. 
  • Payments Structure: 
    $50 for the first month, then 2 monthly payments of $40.
    For a total of $130.
Lazy Pig System 10

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Roger Haeske
The Eternal Teenager

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